• Audiophile - Stream Network

  • Alternative Shoutcast Stream!

  • ... with various kind of music,

  • in High Quality 320kbps bitrate,

  • and live also!

  • details from works of greek painter Tasos Alamanos-¬†http://tassosalamanos.com/

The Stream Network

There are 5 streams: Baroque, Classical, Jazz, Lounge,.and Rock-Blues Server. Click for stream details.


We are located in Greece.....This is a non-profit site, for music lovers, streaming 24/7

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Audiophile Stream Network

  • Audiophile Stream Network

    The use of the services is absolutely free and will remain free! We'll apreciate your donation to us, in order to continue to offer the streams.

  • About Us

    "Music makes one feel so romantic - at least it always gets on one's nerves - which is the same thing nowadays." -- Oscar Wilde


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    Audiophile Stream Network
    Audiophile Stream Network